January 17, 2019

What to Wear 101


A few guidelines if you're feeling at a loss on what to wear.

I'm at a loss.

I know it can feel overwhelming to pick out an outfit for photos (believe me, I went to Catholic school from Kindergarten to Senior year of high school, and choosing outfits for a whole week was so stressful to me!). Here are a few quick guidelines I’ve put together so you guys can be looking your finest and feeling your best during your photo session with me.

I want to start by saying these are what I’ve found works best, and it’s in no way indicative to how your session will turn out if you do or don’t follow them–you’ll still look amazing and the photos will too!


Take time to look at the conditions of the day and the area we will be shooting in and make plans around it. If we’re shooting on a sandy beach, it probably wouldn’t make sense to wear heels (or shoes at all, #freethefeet), if it’s cold dress in your cutest, comfiest coat (no sense in freezing your booty off). Just the same, if we’re hiking in Joshua Tree for example, bring shoes and an outfit that will allow you to get around easily (and safely). Dress comfortably!



Bring options especially if you’re on the fence, I will help you go through and pick out what compliments the location and your bae the best (it’s like getting ready with your bestie) that way the attention is on you two, not any possible distractions. I suggest bringing about 2-3 bottoms and 3-4 tops and then dresses, accessories etc. Just don’t bring your whole closet because then I’ll get closet envy!


I love recommending sticking to neutrals and earth tones. Does this mean you can’t wear pink? Heck no! There are natural pinks to be found everywhere in nature. I would just stay away from the hot pink leotard you got for a 70’s workout themed party. So there you have it. Neutral doesn’t mean having to wear grays and browns. There’s forest green, navy, pastels (think the sunset!), mustard yellow, navy, the list is endless. Again I would steer clear of any bright fluorescent distracting colors.



Patterns can be tricky- just like color, I would recommend staying away from wearing something overly busy because what you want to truly stand out is the two of you and your sweet interactions. Natural looking floral prints, understated animal prints (think in accessories like shoes), and not too bright of plaids + stripes work best.



Props! Fun but not always essential. If there is something that is special to the two of you, like a guitar or your furry friend bring it along! I’m all about including the things that are unique and special to you and your story plus I’ll never pass up the opportunity to befriend your fluffer. I also recommend props that pertain to the setting–how fun would it be to wrap up in a cozy blanket if were out in the cool air, or even chilling on the beach for the evening??


Probably one of my favorite settings to shoot in, there’s nothing quite like getting to be fully relaxed and in your element in your cozy space at home. I always recommend wearing clothes that you are comfy in and wearing around your home on a regular basis–it wouldn’t make too much sense to be wearing a glam outfit or tight fitting clothes if you’re cuddling up on the couch, plus it makes in home piggy-back rides and acrobatics a little tricky, hehe.

at home love session


I’m all about keeping it natural to you! I’m truthfully not the best person to consult in the makeup department given I’ve had the same hair and makeup routine for the last 7 years. I keep it pretty basic. If you’d feel uncomfortable with a full face of makeup I’d say forget about it! You want to be able to relax, have fun with your person and not worry about heavy makeup. That’s not to say don’t get done up! If you want to treat yourself and have your makeup done or are a wizard with an eye shadow palette (might need to get your expertise later) then go for it! My biggest goal is that you feel comfortable in your skin and clothes so that you have a great time smiling and creating memories with your love!