July 25, 2019

10 Prompts I use to Make Couples Comfortable In Front of My Camera

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These are my top 10 favorite prompts I love using with my clients during their engagement session or portrait session during their wedding day.

While these are my favorites to utilize with couples, each one of my clients are different and my prompts are not one size fits all. I always take time to get a feel for what my client’s personalities are like and how they might be feeling during the time of a shoot (our moods change every day!) and adjust to tailor each session to match what they need.

  1. Whisper to each other what you first thought when you met them.

2. Slowly move her hair off her shoulder / tuck her hair behind her ear and kiss her on the neck or shoulder.

3. Hold each other close and breathe each other in.

4. What makes you proud of the other?

5. Show me your best impression of him/her.

6. Whisper to each other what you first thought when you met them.

7. Get as close as possible but no kissing until I say so!

8. I want you to walk out to that rock and think about the hardest thing you’ve walked through as a couple. Once you get to the rock share your thoughts with each other.

9. Kiss like it’s your last.

10. Give her a piggyback ride or hold her bridal style.