My draw to photography was fostered through an intense love of
immersing myself in new culture and corners of the world. I spent a
portion of my life living in London and studying fashion; during this
time, I discovered my fondness for photography- what I like to call the
vernacular of the visual. Among the eclectic streets of London and their
contradictory mix of both historic and contemporary, I found a
budding love for photos of people and those that exude emotion. Just as
wedding photography contains wonderful contradictory elements, I do
too. Along with this love of slow appreciation and simplicity, I love the
hustle and bustle of ever-changing environments. My years spent working
in the fast-paced world of fashion and time living in London, an equally
fast-paced city, gave me an appreciation for the high energy world of weddings.
This dichotomy has bred a calmness within me- one that will extend to
you on your most important day.

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