May 18, 2018

Gabe + Michelle Torrey Pines, California


gabe + michelle


Ah the beautiful power of the sometimes draining and frustrating realm of social media, namely Instagram. I connected with Gabe (seems to be how I meet people now a days, IG is like the new dating app for friends) and we got to planning this amazing, goofy, and glorious food-filled evening in one of my favorite cities, San Diego (coincidentally, my new home come fall). Gabe and Michelle are the epitome of that couple who is just crazy in love with one another. So in tune, so spunky, and just all around crazy supportive of each other. Plus their littles are just too dang cute (they joined us towards the end and nicked some pizza).


It was another great circumstance that I found myself in sunny San Diego last week–I went to meet up with a new team of amazing creatives + photographers for the launch of the much anticipated Wedding Pioneer-SoCal edition! I am truly honored to be one of the selected photographers to be featured. The SoCal branch is part of the Wedding Pioneer Directory that brings the non-traditional, alternative couples hand selected photographers and vendors from the given region (there are quite a few throughout the US and Canada). At WP couples will find wedding creatives that embrace the quirky, the romantic, the adventurous, and the wild-at-heart. It pairs the search down and makes it so much cleaner and easier to connect with artists that share the same vision and hope for couple’s big day and I could not be more stoked.