January 3, 2019

Why Get a Wedding Planner With Abby Lee of Sugar Plum & Co

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I spoke with my friend and colleague Abby Lee, the founder of Sugar Plum & Co. based here in Southern California on the ins and outs of hiring a planner for your wedding and why it’s one of the best decisions your could make when paired alongside your whole team of trusted vendors.

Why should couples hire a wedding planner for their day?

To save your sanity! Weddings are a ton of work and involve a bunch of little details and decisions. Is there adequate power for your DJ and market lights? Do you need a permit for candles? Will the shuttle bus fit through the venue gates? The list goes on and on! Having a professional guide you through all these little and important details ensure for a beautiful and smooth day. Plus, knowing that you have someone who does this for a living on your side saves you so much stress and time. Lastly, the worst thing in the world is when your family and friends aren’t able to enjoy themselves on your most special day because you didn’t have anyone to set up your decor or direct people. Trust me, skip the personalized gold foiled napkins and hire even a day of planner. It’s so worth it!

How do you help clients’ wedding day vision come true?

For us, it’s really important that our clients like and vibe with our brand’s aesthetic. If they like what they see then it makes the process easy and enjoyable. Although we do tend to stay within the realm of Al Fresca garden inspired weddings, we always personalize the design of each wedding to fit the couple. We are able to tailor each wedding to each client by getting to know them as individuals and as a couple. We also dive deeper than just weddings. What does your house interior look like? Where do you shop? What did your Christmas tree look like last year? Knowing these preferences of a couple helps us translate their aesthetic and personality into a wedding design. After we lock in the vision and design we execute it by enlisting talented vendors that we know can bring the vision to life, and within budget.

How do you help clients stay in their budget?

As wedding professionals, we know how much things should cost and when you are overpaying. We also talk to each couple and encourage them to discuss what is important to them. Is it delicious farm to table food? Craft cocktails? Having a live band? Or maybe it’s important that you have all the peonies in the world. Whatever it is, we take what’s important to you- make sure that’s incorporated and then we budget everything else. For example, if it’s improtant that you have a lot of flowers at your wedding, we’ll encourage for a limited bar menu and perhaps skipping the Photobooth. Staying on budget can happen, you’ll just have to comprise.


Top 5 questions couples should ask their wedding planner?

1. How long have you been a wedding planner?

2. Have you worked at my venue before or with any of my vendors?

3. How many weddings do you do a year?

4. Is this your full time job?

5. What is your process?