July 24, 2019

Why I use Prompts Instead of Telling Couples what to Do

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Couples portraits, whether they be for an engagement session or on your wedding day, are all about capturing the fun and intimate moments that encompass you as a couple as well as the emotions that pour out on your big day.

Sometimes clients need help to relax and forget there is a camera focused on them. That is why I turn to prompts instead of moving clients into poses or angles that might not feel natural or comfortable to them. My biggest priority is that you remember the emotions my direction evoked vs. being poked and prodded into various positions.

I always keep both eyes open for any awkward angles or positions and will make slight and subtle suggestions on how you can relax into moment over moving you like puppets! My aim when giving prompts is to assist in creating moments that give you time to reflect on your time as a couple, be a little silly, and soak in the whole journey–from engagement to wedding day.

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