July 31, 2019

Why You Should have an Unplugged Ceremony

Advice Blog

Having photographed and experienced as many weddings as I have, there have only been a handful that make a specific point to ensure their guests tuck their digital devices away for the ceremony and be fully present with them during such a special moment.

I have two main reasons why I encourage my clients, and you, to make this a prominent point during your wedding day.

Number One: It distracts from the now.
It takes the moment away from the couple when guests take out their phones, small or large cameras, and iPads during any portion of the ceremony. Whether guests are standing up in their seat to take a photo or holding their device out in the aisle, the moment is lost (especially during the processional) and lived through a screen when the focus is capturing a photo with technology.

Number Two: It interferes with your professional photos.
I can’t stress this enough. I understand the excitement of capturing the moment, but this is why a professional has been hired! When guests take out their devices to take a quick snap, they are interfering with your photographer’s professional work. Photos you might have wanted printed are ruined because someone wanted to snap a photo they might not truly use long after the day has concluded.

All in all, I urge you to make an announcement prior to the beginning of your ceremony that phones, cameras, etc be turned off and placed away. Each guest you invite is important to you and should be enjoying the moment with you and not through a screen. Turn off the phones and enjoy the ceremony; I will do my job (I promise!) and you and your guests alike can sit back, relax, and enjoy this once in a lifetime moment.