July 17, 2019

Why Your Wedding Photos Deserve to be Printed

Advice Blog

A photograph is worth one thousand words.

 In this digital era, it’s all too easy to forget the impact that a physical manifestation of this day will have in your future, which is why I will continuously advocate that you print your wedding photos so a tangible manifestation of a most treasured day remains long after your first “I-do’s.”

Each heartfelt moment, the experiences that will amaze your guests, the details you put your heart into, and the story of your wedding as it unfolds. These are the memories you will want encapsulated within your images years from now.

This serves as a win in multiple ways. Here are my top 3.

Technology and the way images are shared and stored is ever-changing. There is no guarantee that photos will be safe in the cloud, on phone storage, or in computer hard-drives (while I do ensure digital copies are tripled backed up in case something should happen). The safest route to peace of mind is by printing your photos.

This leads into my next point. 30 years from now when you want to dig out your old photos that are only stored digitally, will the USB connection drive on your computer still exist (Apple products are already beginning to do away with a lot of these once standard features, headphone jacks, DVD/CD ports, etc.) Or maybe they are stored in a company that uses a cloud server like Dropbox. Will that company and server will exist? My mind flashes to when my family wants to view old family videos that were recorded on my Dad’s dated yet trusted camcorder. My parents only possess one TV that still takes all of the necessary plugs + cords in order to view them and it is a huge ordeal to get everything set up. Printed images are the only sign of true longevity. We are able to look at photos taken 100 years ago, stored in the form of printed photographs.

Leading into my final point. You able to easily pull your wedding album straight off the shelf and thumb through it in a matter of seconds. No hassle of passwords, cords, or any necessary software. The same goes for fine art prints. You can frame it and enjoy it on your wall, table, etc. and enjoy it daily.

This is why I will always advocate for my clients to get their images printed + albums ordered after I deliver their wedding photos. I make it easy by allowing them to schedule a meeting with me to design and order the perfect layout with their favorite images that will be a staple in their home for years to come.